1692 (Glencoe Massacre) (Alternate Edit)


  • Alternative Title: Glen Coe massacre. Massacre of Glencoe, (February 13, ), in Scottish history, the treacherous slaughter of members of the MacDonald clan of Glencoe by soldiers under Archibald Campbell, 10th earl of Argyll. Many Scottish clans had remained loyal to King James II after he was replaced on the English and Scottish thrones by William III in
  • 13 February In the early hours of the 13th February , Scots Army soldiers of the Earl of Argyll’s Regiment of Foot from Fort William, carry out the Massacre of Glencoe. The troops had been billeted with the MacDonalds of Glencoe since early February and were under the command of Captain Robert Campbell of Glenlyon.
  • Nazareth - (Glencoe Massacre) (alternate edit) Lyrics. Mist upon the hill can remember murder, Mist upon the hill that once flowed with blood, Helped to cover up an approaching army, Hid the kill.
  • The Henderson Stone and the Massacre of Glencoe, It is generally believed that most of the men of the Earl of Argyll’s Regiment, who carried out the massacre of the Macdonalds of Glencoe on 13 February , did not know what they had been sent to do until the last minute, after they had been staying with the Macdonalds for some time.
  • Jul 15,  · Massacre of Glencoe In , King James II fled to France, leaving the throne of England open to a bloodless coup by his nephew and son-in-law, the Calvinist William of Orange. Many Highland clans had openly sworn their allegiance to their deposed ‘King Across the water’ and John Graham of Claverhouse, ‘Bonnie Dundee’ led an.
  • It was also an illegal action, a form of treason known as ‘slaughter under trust’. Captain Robert Campbell of Glenlyon was given the command of two companies of about men in total. On 1 st February , ten days before the massacre, they were ordered to march into Glencoe .
  • The Massacre of Glencoe (Scottish Gaelic Mort Ghlinne Comhann) took place early in the morning of 13 February One of the most beautiful places in Scotland Glen Coe (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Comhann) takes its name from the River Coe that winds and tumbles its way through the glen.
  • Love Now You're Gone (Alternate Edit) (Glencoe Massacre) (Alternate Edit) Credits Composed By – McCafferty*, Sweet*, Charlton*, Agnew* Remastered By – Mike Brown (3) Remastered By, Research, Coordinator.

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